Why Hire an AICI CIP As Your Image Consultant

Many people assume that all image consultants who claim to be ‘certified’ in the image consulting profession, have basically the same credentials and the same level of expertise. Although it may seem like the term Certified Image Consultant (CIC) and the term Certified Image Professional are interchangeable, this is not the case. The term CIC [...]

Affiliate Marketing: Different Types

“>Affiliate marketing is divided into several different categories. Two simple types come in all sorts. Pay/click and pay/performance. Click/Pay It’s also known as PPC. It is the simplest and most common form of affiliate marketing. For tiny websites, this is the best thing. The affiliate marketer puts the banners and text advertising of merchants on [...]

How Affiliate Marketing Can Enable You To Work From Home

Most of us in our own homes are extremely happy. This is where all our comforts are maintained. Part of the daily grind of a career is going home. If you have children to remember, the challenge is even harder. All of us would like to work from home. We are much more relaxed and [...]

Promoting Low Priced Products in Affiliate Marketing

These products are usually sold for less than $100. This means you would receive around $20 for each sale if the sales commission is 20 per cent. Many sales are required to generate fair revenue. However, it is not feasible for new websites with little traffic. If your goods are warm and your traffic is [...]

Hold urgent GST meet to cut tax on key medicines, equipment

As the country attacks with a stronger second Covid wave, all the states need the Centre to urgently convene a meeting of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council, which has not met for the last six months. This arrives after the chorus for rate cuts on key medicines and device grows louder. In this [...]

Understanding ‘CIP’ for Reverse Osmosis System Maintenance

Purchasing a reverse osmosis system for your business is quite an investment, so it is really important that you take good care of it and get it cleaned and maintained accordingly. It is recommended that a reverse osmosis system is cleaned using a Cleaning In Place (CIP) method, and indeed some suppliers include this in [...]